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Rogers won’t stop Welker

I’m with Jamie. Rogers has yet to stop Victor Cruz and was beaten like a drum by Danny Amendola. He can’t handle really quick receivers, and Welker is really quick. Rogers will need a lot of help from the safeties to keep up with Welker. Amendola had something like 10 catches.

I figure Welker’s good for at least 6-7 catches for only about 65-75 yards, 2-3 first down catches, and perhaps one touchdown. I’d also be concerned about linebacker coverage of Ridley in the flat. Ridley won’t run for more the 65 yards on the ground, but I don’t see more than one fumble/interception by the Pats. The offensive line an d Colin Kaepernick must have a very good game controlling the ball to reduce Brady time.

I’m a lifer 49er fan (since ’54 and the Million Dollar Backfield), but Brady will probably get them 34-35 points, and I don’t see the 49ers’ offense producing more than 31 points.


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